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Owabi River gods angry over residents disrespectful behaviour

Chiefs at Atafoa in the Kumasi Metropolis of the Ashanti Region have revealed that some individuals’ acts of disposing of corpses and having sex in the Owabi River have incurred the wrath of the “river gods”.

The chiefs have disclosed that the angry River God has vowed to kill dozens of people if Ghanaians continue to pollute the river with dead bodies and other materials that threaten its lifespan.

According to them, the “River God” in a revelation to some fetish priests in the area, has vehemently warned that any individual who jokes with the river will pay with his or her life.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with OTEC News’ Jacob Agyenim Boateng on Monday, July 3, 2023, Linguist for the chief of Atafoa, Nana Kwame Appiah, said individuals who were recently killed in the river were all signs of anger by the river.

“This river serves as the main source of potable water for residents in the region, yet people throw all sorts of dirt into the river”.

“The ‘river God’ revealed to the fetish priest that some unscrupulous people bury dead bodies in the river, while others have sex in the river, acts that should be condemned,” he said.

Recent Deaths

Some five people have recently drowned in the river after torrential rains in the Ashanti Region.
Three of the five persons have been confirmed dead after retrieving their bodies, while two are still missing.
Nana Kwame Appiah has, however, said the river has revealed those two bodies will never be found as a sign of anger venting on the people.

Pacifying the “River God”

Following the incident, the Chief of Atafoa, Nana Owusu Ansah II, together with his elders have, poured libation at the river to pacify the god.

The chief, after offering sheep, bottles of schnapps and fowls to the river, has again warned that nobody should try the patience of the gods by throwing trash or any material that will threaten the life of the river.

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