Market women, House wives & Teachers Top List of Cosmetic Surgery than Celebrities

Head of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the 37 Military Hospital Dr. Kwesi Okumanin Nsaful has revealed that market women, house wives, teachers have taken to cosmetic surgery more than the perceived Ghanaian female celebrities.

Ghanaian female celebrities in recent years go under the knife to look more refreshing and appealing to their fans and in the public at large.

Some celebrities have openly acknowledged giving their bodies face-lift while others keep denying.

Adding his voice on a panel discussion on Akoma FM‘s Saturday entertainment programme Entertainment 360 hosted Tony Best, the renowned plastic surgeon indicated that most women go into the cosmetic surgery to have their confidence back, to regain their original self.

“I can authoritatively say that if I do 40 or 50 surgeries, I may only encounter one celebrity. All Ghanaian women are currently doing plastic surgery hence that notion should be aborted.

“I averagely do two or three surgeries a week and market women, fashion designers, teachers are all doing it. It’s a practice going on which is not only female celebrities.”

Dr Nsaful explained the various types of the plastic surgery.

“We have the liposuction, which entails taking out the fats. The tummy touch centres around cutting part of the body and also taking away the fat. The breast argumentation deals with either making the breast bigger or vice-versa.”

Source: 3news.com|Ghana

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