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Kingston Police Warns Public about New VISA Credit Card Phone Scam


If you get a phone call from VISA, you might want to think twice about who you may be talking to.

Kingston Police are warning the public of a recent phone scam in the area that is operating as a fake VISA call.

“A suspicious automated call states that it is the security department at VISA calling, and then indicates that there have been fraudulent transactions made to your account that need to be rectified,” says Kingston police in a press release.

“As the initial call is automated, you are then asked to press a number which takes you to a live operator, who is actually the scammer.”

Police say the scammer will then attempt to obtain personal information while impersonating a VISA credit card security department representative.

If given personal information, the fraudster could use it to steal the victim’s identity or use it for financial gain.

“Kingston Police warn the public to avoid providing any personal information to these scammers which may include your Social Insurance Number, credit card or banking information, or name and address,” says the release.

“Simply hang up on the scammer after indicating that you will be reporting the incident to police. If the calls persist, then contact Kingston Police to report the incidents.”

If you have fallen victim to this scam, you can contact Kingston Police at 613-549-4660 or you can fill out an online report on their website.

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