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Inlaks recognised as an outstanding technology company driving financial inclusion in Africa

Inlaks, a leading ICT infrastructure and systems integrator in Sub-Saharan Africa have been recognized as an Outstanding Technology Company driving Financial Inclusion strategies in Africa.

The company received this recognition during the Microfinance Transformational Masterclass and Financial Inclusion Awards in Sierra Leone.

The three-day workshop organized by the Central Bank of Sierra Leone aimed to boost the growth of Microfinance Banks, Credit Funding, and Community Banks, with a particular focus on supporting SMEs.

Represented by Joseph Agyeman – Badu, Head of Business Development, Africa Operations, and Olaitan Ojo, Sales Account Manager, Inlaks participated as a Platinum partner and facilitated a session on providing financial institutions with the right tools to improve customer experience.

These products are offered through the Inlaks Digital Solutions 2.0 consisting of the Customer Relationship Management platform which handles Customer Complaints, and a Self-Service Portal for seamless customer engagement, the Inlaks Dormant Accounts Management System, Branch Digitization and Omnichannel Digitization.

Commenting on the Awards, Olufemi Muraino, Executive Director at Inlaks, emphasized the organization’s commitment to supporting microfinance institutions through efficient IT solutions.

‘‘Inlaks takes pride in being recognized for these efforts and we are determined to do even more. Financial inclusion is essential for economic growth and sustainability. With the rise in digital financial services, there is an opportunity to reach more people and businesses to enhance financial inclusion.

This approach is a key driver for Inlaks as we embark on our innovative journey into the future. Digital platforms improve transactions, and credit funding making them critical for financial institutions, particularly in areas without physical branches’’.

According to the International Finance Corporation, the introduction of digital financial services has created affordable, accessible, and sustainable solutions leading to an increase in financial inclusion in Africa. Inlaks has played an instrumental role in capacity building across the continent.

In addition, Inlaks shares a similar vision with Sierra Leone’s financial inclusion strategy from 2022 to 2026 further supporting the country’s Microfinance Association through shared /centralized banking.

‘‘Our efforts to strengthen financial inclusion are also reflected in the prioritized services we offer to microfinance institutions, enabling them to support low-income individuals and businesses and drive economic growth’’, added Olufemi Murano.

Inlaks continues to drive growth through IT-enabled solutions for financial institutions across the West, and East, and expanding to Southern Africa.

Source: classfmonline

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