Flight PS752 case referred to International Court of Justice

The Association of Families of Flight PS752 Victims (the Association) is pleased to share that the Government of Canada, alongside Ukraine, Sweden, and the United Kingdom, have formally referred the case regarding the Islamic Republic of Iran’s downing of the Ukrainian International Airlines Flight PS752 on January 8, 2020, to the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

This referral is a significant and long-awaited step towards holding the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) accountable.

Canada, Ukraine, Sweden, and the United Kingdom made the referral together after the affected countries jointly requested in December 2022 that the Islamic Republic of Iran submit to binding arbitration under the Montreal Convention. The Islamic Regime declined to respond within the six-month arbitration period, enabling this referral to the ICJ.

“Our Association has eagerly awaited this milestone and it is an encouragement to family members to witness our persistent pursuit of justice reaching this crucial stage,” comments Kourosh Doustshenas, Spokesperson of the Association. “It is easy to become discouraged by the extensive legal and political processes that we continue to face, however, we are hopeful that the ICJ will facilitate this process for achieving justice that the victims of Flight PS752 deserve.”

The case will now undergo a review process with the ICJ. If accepted, an impartial court and hearing process will be initiated to investigate the downing of Flight PS752, which killed all 176 passengers and crew on board and an unborn child.

“We have explored all the legal pathways available to us to advance this case, and as the highest level of court for international cases, the ICJ is a highly effective pathway forward,” says Amirali Alavi, Director and Chair of the Association’s Legal Committee. “Our extensive legal work and advocacy to date have been instrumental in achieving this outcome, and we will continue to persevere through this process.”

The Association has also engaged with the International Civil Aviation Organization and pursued a separate legal avenue for justice through a submission to the International Criminal Court.

Source: GlobeNewswire

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