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Dr Kofi Amoah to engage Ghanaian and African youth in Twitter Space conversation

Dr Kofi Amoah

Dr Kofi Amoah will once again engage with Ghanaian and African youth in every corner of the world when he appears as a guest on the popular social media space known as @Voice of Ghana on Twitter.

The regular space which tries to tackle pressing matters in the country will see Dr Amoah stimulating the minds of the youth on the topic “Political and social accountability of the youth of Ghana and Africa-the way forward.”

The Twitter space conversation will happen on Sunday, June 4 from 7 to 9 PM GMT.

It will be hosted by outspoken University of Ghana lecturer, Dr Ransford Gyampo.

The conversation will be the latest instalment of Dr Amoah’s consistent campaign to awaken the consciousness of the Ghanaian and African youth to take a keener interest in the affairs of Ghana and the African continent.

Dr Amoah has over the years bemoaned the nonchalance of the current generation who look on unconcerned while corrupt politicians fail to harness the vast potential of the continent for the general good of the citizens.

Dr Amoah has also championed a united Africa which will fight the neo-colonialist attempt of the West to keep the continent forever impoverished.

He cannot understand why a continent so blessed with resources is always at the mercy of the West.

Kofi Amoah who is affectionately called Citizen Kofi has also spoken out loudly against poor remuneration of workers in Ghana and the insatiable appetite of governments-past and present- to go for loans that end up not creating meaningful jobs for the youth of the country and continent.

Dr Amoah is hopeful these deliberations which are usually listened to by the youth in the various universities and other tertiary institutions will birth a new crop of Africans who will be selfless and ambitious to change the fortunes of the continent.

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