CTVET to deploy test serialization system in 2023 exams

The Commission for Technical and Vocational Training (CTVET) has announced that it will deploy a test serialization system in its upcoming 2023 Certificate II Examination for technical students, scheduled from July 10 to August 4.

Test serialization involves generating different versions of the same questions, with variations in the positions of the test items, options, and keys on the question papers.

According to the Commission, this system will help reduce instances of cheating and leaking of examination questions. Speaking at a media briefing, the Director-General of CTVET, Dr Fred Kyei Asamoah, outlined the characteristics of test serialization.

“Last year, we employed the services of security agencies and, with all the efforts put in, we can say that we have been able to minimize cheating and improve performance. We want to make sure that our learners in the TVET sector are well-prepared for the world market because they will have to make decisions that will affect all of our lives,” he said.

Dr Asamoah further explained that some of the characteristics of test serialization include the ability to test students with different versions of the same test or set of questions and administer the same test item at various examination centres. This will result in consistent and comparable scores, measure the same content and contrast within each year, and encourage teaching and learning for teachers and students before examinations.

According to Dr Asamoah, the serialization of exam questions will ensure fairness and integrity. “It will ensure fairness, test security, and integrity of certificates. It will also reduce perennial leakage of examination questions,” he said.

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