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Canadian Investors Announce Plans of Investing in Ghana’s Technology Sector

According to Senior Trade Commissioner at the Canadian High Commission in Ghana, Andrew Maharaj, both countries have had good trade relations over the years in diverse sectors and the one field left to explore is green technology.

“We’re a world leader in clean technologies where we have waste water for energy efficiency, hydrogen and for everything clean technologies. We need to do a better job in promoting companies that are involved in clean technologies, ICT, Fintechs, education technologies, cybersecurity among others.”

“When you look at all the big brands from behind the scenes, they need support from B2B [Business to Business] engagements. Canadian companies hope to expand into the Ghanaian market with these technologies and it will be a win-win opportunity,” he said.
The Canada Ghana Chamber of Commerce held its maiden CEOs Connect Breakfast Meeting. The meeting sought to provide a networking platform for Ghanaian and Canadian companies.
Speaking at the event, Chief Executive of the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre, Yofi Grant urged Ghanaian businesses to form sustainable partnerships with Canadian companies to create job opportunities to minimsze the migration of Africans for greener pastures.

“Almost every country across the world is suffering from the three Fs; high Food prices, high Fuel prices and high cost of Finance. Canada still showed resilience in stability so we still have a lot to learn from them. So I am very delighted that this meeting is happening.”
“Meanwhile, I see a lot of young people say they would make it financially in foreign countries, but I believe they say this because they aren’t aware of the challenges in other countries. Even the resources they gather to travel to settle in another country can be used in our country and they will make it,” he stated.

President of the Canada Ghana Chamber of Commerce, Alexander Nortey indicated that the Ghanaian economy has survived many adversities, hence makes it a viable business environment to invest.
“Most thought that Covid-19 would ravish Ghana, but the challenges that we have faced over the years has built us, given us resilience to be able to survive despite everything. Whatever that comes on the shores of Ghana, we can take it and still strive.”

“So, I know that we can surmount this challenge of having a negative rating from the rating agencies. Since being a republic, we’ve been through a lot of challenges. But we’re still surviving and I believe Ghana has potential,” he intimated.


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