Buckingham Palace has Released Photos of Queen Elizabeth’s Tomb

Buckingham Palace has published a photograph of Queen Elizabeth’s tomb at the Royal Chapel in Windsor, featuring a ledger stone bearing her name and those of her parents, and husband, Prince Philip.

The stone, made of black Belgian marble, sits in the King George VI Memorial Chapel, which Queen Elizabeth commissioned in 1962 as a burial place for George VI, her father.

The Queen was interred on Monday, September 19, after a state funeral in Westminister Abbey, London.

The brass lettering on the stone reads: “George VI 1895-1952 / Elizabeth 1900-2002” on the top two lines, followed by a garter star and then “Elizabeth II 1926-2022 / Philip 1921-2021” on the bottom two lines.

Queen Elizabeth’s sister, Princess Margaret, is also interred at the chapel, at Windsor Castle west of London.

Elizabeth died on September 8 at Balmoral Castle, her summer home in the Scottish Highlands, after 70 years on the throne.

Her son, Charles, has become king.


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