50.3% of voters in Dome Kwabenya very likely to vote for Adwoa Safo again – Report

A Global Info Analytics report has disclosed that 50.3% of voters are very likely or likely to cast their votes for the current Member of Parliament for Dome Kwabenya Sarah Adwoa Safo if she contests again.

The report revealed that 30.6% are very unlikely/unlikely to vote for her.

Approximately, the report indicated that 19.2% are neutral.

29.7% of voters in the constituency have the feeling that the country is trending on the wrong path whilst 70.3% also believe that the country is in good shape.

“In a hypothetical presidential race, Dr Bawumia attracts only 65.8% of the votes whilst Mahama attracts 30.1%.

“In a hypothetical presidential race, Alan attracts 68.9% of the votes whilst John Mahama attracts 28.5%.

62.6% of the respondents were Ashanti-Akan, 17.9% were Ga-Adangbe and 8.4% were Ewes. 57.5% of the respondents were sympathizers of NPP and 25.4% were NDC.”

The said report finalized that ” Incumbent MP is reported will not be seeking re-election. The outcome of the 2024 race in this constituency will be determined by several factors, the strength of change, and the loyalty of voters to Adwoa Sarfo, and how she exits as well as the influence of the Christo Asafo church members. This could be an open election for any candidate to win.”

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