Rescue students on scholarship, loans: NUGS begs gov’t

The National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) has urged the government to swiftly address the plight of Ghanaian students on government scholarships abroad, who are facing severe financial difficulties.

This plea follows a protest by scholarship recipients in Morocco over a delay in their stipends that have stretched for more than 10 months. 

The students have reported extreme hardships, including struggling to afford basic necessities like food and sanitary products.

Speaking at a news conference on Wednesday, May 29, NUGS President Kyeremeh Oppong Daniel expressed the union’s deep concern over the situation. 

He highlighted that the issue affects students not only in Morocco but also in the UK, India, and those dependent on the Students Loan Trust Fund.

“We are very perturbed by the current happenings, but we are confident that this listening government will take quick steps to resolve this challenge. Our students are suffering in Morocco, our students are suffering in the UK, our students are suffering in India, and many rely on the Students Loan Trust Fund are also in distress. We need funds to facilitate education,” Mr Kyeremeh stated.

He emphasised the necessity of adequate funding to support the growing number of students entering tertiary institutions, a consequence of the free senior high school policy.

“The only way to keep them going, for them to gain the knowledge needed to develop our country, is to ensure they receive proper funding. The Students Loan Trust Fund is one key area that needs urgent attention. We call on the government and all relevant agencies to step in and rescue students in the country,” Kyeremeh urged.

NUGS is pressing for prompt action to alleviate the suffering of affected students and to prevent further hardship, underscoring the critical role of timely financial support in sustaining their education and future contributions to the nation.

Source: classfmonline

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