Liberia’s leader sets up task force to fight corruption

Liberia’s President Joseph Boakai has set up a task force to crack down on corruption and to recover stolen state assets.

Mr Boakai ordered it to identify and prosecute any senior officials involved. Current and past government officials are to be investigated.

His executive order said assets “wrongfully acquired at the expense of the government and people of Liberia” should be returned.

It was imperative to “curtail this alarming menace that has engulfed our country”, the president said.

People who purchased government assets illegally would also be forced to return them.

Individuals who live outside of Liberia and are suspected of siphoning off public assets could face extradition.

Funding has been allocated to the task force, which will begin work immediately.

On the campaign trail last year, Mr Boakai promised to tackle corruption.

He went on to win the election, beating former President George Weah in a run-off with just over 20,000 votes.

Mr Weah’s presidency was plagued with accusations of corruption and faced criticism for the excesses of senior officials.

After Mr Boakai’s inauguration in January, he asked former officials to turn over government assets they had in their possession “without delay and hesitation”.

Source: BBC

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