Togbe Afede, Inflation, Cathedral, LGBTQ+: What is the direction Ghana is going? – Dr. Appeah asks

The Founder of the US-based Diaspora Progressive Movement, Dr. Lawrence Appeah says he is getting confused by the day about the direction Ghana is going.

“I am confused about the direction of Ghana as I write this article. Maybe, you can help me know the direction after reading the article. Let me tell you what I currently know about Ghana.” – he said in an article.

According to him, the recent and past issues occurrences in the country make him believe strongly that the country has gone in the wrong direction under President Akufo-Addo and Dr. Bawumia led NPP government.

His comments follow the recent attack launched on Togbe Agbede XIV by Metro TV Good Evening Ghana host, Paul Adom Ochtere over the former Member of the Council of States’ decision to return over GHc360,000 paid him as his ex-gratis for serving on the council for 4years. Togbe in his statement said he does not think he merited the said amount for a part-time job for which he was already paid salaries with other benefits adding that the country’s current economic situations should not encourage such payments.

Read Dr. Lawrence Appeah’s full post:

I am confused about the direction of Ghana as I write this article. Maybe, you can help me know the direction after reading the article. Let me tell you what I currently know about Ghana.

Inflation was 17.46% in 2016 but it is now 27.60%. A gallon of petrol was GHC 14.10 in 2016 but it is now GHC 50.00. The cedi was 4.30 to the dollar in 2016 but it is now GHC8.00. The total public debt was GHC 122 billion in 2016 but it was GHC 392 billion as of March 2022. A difference of GHC 270 billion. The debt to GDP ratio was 81.8% in 2021 and now it is 84.6%. It was 56.9% in 2016.

My confusion is, that these NPP people currently in government, tell us on radio and TV that they are the better managers of the economy than the NDC. Can you tell me what I am missing from the NPP?

Both Rebecca Akufo and Samira Bawumiah returned their Article 71 allowance, something they didn’t deserve. A taxi driver returned GHC 8,000 that was left in his car, he got over GHC200,000 including GHC 10,000 donation from Dr. Bawumiah. Some people hailed them for their patriotism and faithfulness. I thought that was the direction the leadership of the country wanted us to go. Then Togbe Afede XIV returned over GHC365,000 to the State and these same people are insulting and cursed him. Their bitterness is that he has exposed the corruption in their government. But who doesn’t know this government is the most corrupt? That is my confusion.
Ghana wants to build a Cathedral in honor of God but this same government has allowed billboards and other activities by the LGBTQ+ openly in the country.

Ghana is planting about 20 million trees across the country but at the same time, the government has introduced EI 144, to allow over 30 million trees to be destroyed in the Achimota Forest. That is my confusion.
A personal pledge to build a Cathedral in honor of god has suddenly become a national project and state resources are being used to finance it. A $350 million capital project is put under Goods and Services in the budget and the Finance Ministry sees nothing wrong with that. That is my confusion.

The President makes a personal promise to his god, appointed his own clergy to do the fundraising on his behalf, and appointed his own architect. Suddenly we are told that the President’s promise is a national promise and so monies from the consolidated accounts can be used for the project. So now GHC 32 million has been paid to the Architect and an additional GHC 25 million has been given out as seed money. Which civilized country does that? That is where I can’t think far.

When you put all the above together, tell me which direction Ghana has gone since 2017? Have we moved forward or we have gone backward? Have we gone South as a country or gone North? We need to rescue this country in 2024. Walaahi.

Mahama reba.
Dr. Lawrence is the Founder of the Diaspora Progressive Movement in USA

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