Ghanaian students on scholarship in Morocco demonstrate over delayed stipend

Some Ghanaians studying in Morocco under the Morocco scholarship programme on Friday, May 24, protested over alleged delays in releasing their stipend.

The demonstration took place at the Ghana Embassy in Morocco.

According to the students, the prolonged delay has resulted in difficulties, emotional distress, risks, and academic challenges for undergraduate, master’s, and PhD students.

They are therefore urging the government, the Ministry of Finance, and the Scholarship Secretariat to expedite the process to avert any further delay.

“The question is how do we survive? Our landlords are chasing us out of our apartments, some of us are sleeping with our friends, some of us are sleeping outside.

“Imagine sending your daughter to another country to come and study for 10 months without sending her money to pay her rent, how do you want her to survive? There are people here in debt, and some are depressed. The last time, we had someone almost commit suicide.

“This is not noise. This is not a story or a narrative, this is what we are going through. Our lives are in danger. We are begging you Mr. President, if you don’t intervene, there will be blood on your hands,” one of the students lamented.

Source: myjoyonline

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