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Direction – For decades our people where behind the 9 balls” with qualifiers that deliberately kept us out of the good race #ownership so dont come in my DMs with your negativity put it out here so we can all see it &reply cos when it was damn near impossible for BLK folks to walk into banks and qualify for a loans nobody said a damn thing… so yea just a step in the right direction cos am thinking
Who is really going to Benefit from this ? Are they going to give it to those who really need it ? hate to see all the businesses closing around me and the reduction of business traffic & gentrification of our neighborhoods .. and so eventhough this just seems like they are partnering with banks to offer low interest loans to black businesses, which we still need to qualify for , provide business plan and collateral – am somewhat happy some of the funding going towards fighting systemic racism because that’s the biggest qualifier for black entrepreneurs (but how we dont know yet )… because if history has thought us anything its that the white suburban middle class in Canada or US was due to low interest loans & mortgages that were denied to our community for decades and generations. This is but a fraction of what we deserve from the government and the “system ” as Canadian citizens #levelup #levelplayingfield #2020

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